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Congulations to Graeme and Nyssa who got married on 7th Feb 2010

26 / 01 2014
Well another race meeting done & dusted. Car still in one peace. Graeme slowly getting use to the TQ.  The  new mini stock driver did well also for his 2nd meeting

10 / 04 / 2013
Well been a long time since last up date so here we go.
The mini stock was raced out of Nelson this season with a new youth driver as 75n. Graeme has had the season of from racing until the king of the coast on 6 / 04 / 2013. Did good for his first outting. Race 1 he got 11th race 2 was 7th race 3 was 10th which made him 8th over all out of 23 cars. Keep a eye out to find out what we are changing to. More to come later. 

30 12 2013

Well wasn't a good start to our season. Missed all 3 practices & first meeting. Got out for second meeting. Race 1 forth lap & over he goes 1.5 times. Car slowly getting fixed. Put new front axle & 30mm sorter than old. No spears left all used to fix car. Will be a Long & slow period to build the spare's up again.      

11 / 08 / 2012
 Well there has been a few ups & downs with the new car. We picked the car up from the north Island in Feb get the car back home. Start to work things out. Get new helmet sorted. Then find out we have to get more gear as new rule has been brought in.